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We like to think that The Edge Camp is different. People often tell us it is. Our aim is to create an environment where people can relax and have fun. Where everyone is welcome and feels that they belong. Where people can be themselves whoever they are. We believe that it is in this environment that people are able to open up to the message of Jesus and allow God to work in their lives. We try to avoid any sense of ‘them and us’ – at our camp everyone is welcomed and valued for who they are. We cater for everyone, individuals, families, children, teenagers, all ages and family units.

Our aim is to make the EDGE Camp a christian camp where everyone feels welcomed, relaxed and can be themselves. People tell us that this is why they keep coming back each year.


Why Come to Camp?

"Good question!

We came to Camp about 10 years ago 'just to see what it was about'. We said we'd give it a try once .... but we've never missed a Summer Camp since.

We were welcomed and accepted and over the years we have found it to be a place where we have heard from God and worshipped God in a way that we don't seem to be able to elsewhere; it is a place where the Holy Spirit has free reign.

It is also a beautiful place to come - its peaceful, its safe, the views are lovely and the company is great. The children have a fantastic time both in their activities and meetings and on the Units.

The day is arranged such that if you want to go off site during the day the afternoons are long enough to explore the surrounding area, or you can stay on site and relax - just like a holiday - take time out to do what you like.

We love it!"

"Why? Because its a fun time - and moreover its an investment in your walk with the Lord."

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