We have launched a national church network and a ministry coalition that have a special heart for the forgotten places in the UK and the most hurting, lost and broken.  Our vision is to bring together churches and ministries from all streams and denominations that are working to develop and grow in areas of rural and urban poverty.  Our aim is to grow prayer support, share best practice, train, equip and mobilise and see more people encountering Christ and making a decision for Him.


Our new network is based on relationship, values and vision.


  1. To proliferate church planting amongst the forgotten places such as poor and under resourced rural and urban communities.  Typically these churches do not have the resources or specific training that they need in order to make the impact they so desperately want to see.  Born out of Carl Beech’s experiences stemming back to the first church he planted in 1996 on an Essex council estate and many years of ministry since that has focused on the marginalised communities of the UK and internationally we will be building a team of practitioners and bespoke resources for working class communities.  A brand new course exploring the Christian faith is already being produced.  We also plan to launch a church planting fund so that we can deploy church planters into the toughest places and provide them with all the support that they need.

  2. To work with affluent churches who need the support and expertise to reach into the forgotten places near them via establishing projects, planting churches or deploying mission teams.  If you are a church that has a forgotten estate near you that the Lord has led you to reach, then perhaps we can help by connecting you to those who have journeyed through the challenges.  It maybe that you are an affluent church that already has these ministries in existence but would like to network with like minded leaders?  our church network may well be for you.  

If you are a church leader and would like to explore what it means to join our church network, click here.


We are developing a national coalition of ministries that will be able to resource churches working in the hardest places.  From evangelism to alleviating poverty, tackling financial hardship, mental health issues.  Our hope is that by working together with churches that join our network, and by sharing common aims and values, we will harness our collective expertise to make an even greater impact. 

To find out more about how to join our ministry coalition and what it means, click here.