Jo Pearse - Edge Ladies


Jo’s Christian journey began when she went to a Youth for Christ meeting as a teenager where someone told her Jesus could be her friend – she’s never looked back.

A few years later she met and married Will; initially they were part of a house church, then a big church, their current church family where they seek to do life with Jesus, is a local Community Church. They live near Swindon, Wiltshire and have two married sons (twins, Tim and Philip).

The first time Jo went to a women’s conference, she went (almost) kicking and screaming – thinking this was definitely not going to be her kind of thing … perhaps not surprisingly, God spoke to her through what she experienced there, and gave her a new perspective. She loves the fact that women can come together at an event as equals - whether married, single, divorced, bereaved, with, or without children (etc.). She says; ‘so often we unwittingly hide behind our partners or children or jobs – but at a women’s meeting we can all be – just women’.

Since then, she’s arranged women’s events in her local church and more recently, joined the team of the Edge Ladies Conference, ‘Ladies Rise Up’, along with Gill Bough and Clare Cleave.

She wants to see the women rise up to live adventurously, fulfil their callings, and discover the freedom that Jesus brings.

Dave Lodge